Is the Pressure of Your Accounting Job Getting to Be Too Much?

Is the Pressure of Your Accounting Job Getting to Be Too Much (5)

 Demanding workloads, long hours, and lackluster pay can have anyone feeling under appreciated and overstressed. If your department is short-staffed, you feel the pressure even more.

If you dread going to work at your accounting job and feel like you never see any progress, the pressure of your job may be getting to be too much.

It’s time to identify the problem and do something about it.

How to Tell If the Pressure of Your Accounting Job Is Too Much

If you have been wondering whether it’s you or the job that’s the problem, take a moment to reflect. Do you see any of these red flags for your accounting job?

Red flag signs of a high-pressure job include:

  • Dreading getting up to go to work.
  • Watching the clock so you can leave the minute the day ends.
  • Losing your focus on simple tasks.
  • Ignoring personal relationships because of work.
  • Experiencing increased levels of anxiety.
  • Feeling depressed and not wanting to do anything.
  • Procrastinating before starting a task.
  • Constantly turning to stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, or sugar.
  • Making too many mistakes.
  • Ignoring friends and family.
  • Sleeping poorly.
  • Forgetting appointments, tasks, and other commitments.
  • Taking work home, so you don’t get behind.
  • Losing the sense of enjoyment you once had for your job.
  • Never getting raises like your colleagues.

6 Ways to Alleviate the Stress 

Your accounting job has specific duties and responsibilities, and while there may be stressful times are work, no employer wants you to be stressed all the time.

As soon as you feel the signs of burnout, turn to proven strategies that can help you de-stress:

  • Learn to say no. Avoid taking on extra tasks if you cannot complete the ones you have.
  • Ask for help or delegate. Accept help from others and be ready to pitch in when a colleague becomes overwhelmed.
  • Establish a schedule. Check emails three times a day (morning, midday, and afternoon) and position your most difficult tasks for your best time of day.
  • Take a break. Go for a walk, sit outside for a few minutes or stretch at your desk.
  • Set weekends aside for yourself. Spend the time doing what you love.
  • Permit yourself to make a change. Seek employment with a company that will appreciate your skills and values you as a person.

Stress is dangerous to emotional and physical health. If that is the case in your accounting job, it could be time for you to find a position with a company that appreciates your skills and encourages employees to develop a robust work-life balance.  Your recruiter can help with that transition.

We know the best talent in the field and we know the marketplace. Make your next hire a great one by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Contact us to make your next move.

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