How to Create an Environment That Attracts and Retains Accounting and Finance Talent

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What would you say if you knew that half of your employees don’t see things the way you do?

If you were to talk with them, the accounting and finance talent that are a part of your team might tell you that they see their employment as a job instead of a career. Some employees have no long-term aspirations because the roles they fill do not inspire them. You might be surprised that for every ten employees who feel this way, three plan to leave your company within the year.

Critical factors in attracting and retaining accounting and finance talent

To create an environment conducive to attracting and retaining top talent in the accounting and finance industry, you’ll have to provide more than a competitive salary.

It’s a candidate’s market. Candidates want to be paid well for their time, but they want benefits that will help them create a quality work-life balance. Meaningful job perks can sway top talent’s decision of where and for whom to work. Today’s candidates also consider a variety of factors that can influence their job and career decisions. They recognize that the work location and time spent commuting can impact not only their work but also their lives away from the job.

Candidates want hiring managers to have clear plans for onboarding and illustrating career advancement opportunities.

Many candidates report that the work environment is the most significant factor in selecting where to work.

The environment most attractive to candidates

Candidates seeking employment in accounting and finance are looking beyond salary and job benefits.

  • Walk the talk. Your company’s mission and vision should be at the core of everything you do. It’s not enough to recite your beliefs; you have to live them and help those who work with you do the same.
  • Become employee-centric. You have goals to meet, but you won’t reach them without talented employees. For them to help you with your goals, you’ll have to help them meet theirs. Provide professional development, career paths, and growth opportunities. Along the way, don’t skimp on benefits like flexible scheduling or wellness activities.
  • Recognize big and small acts. Let your team know how much you appreciate them mastering a new skill or meeting a difficult project deadline. A little recognition can go a long way, especially if you reward team members for their wins. Sometimes a personal note of encouragement is more meaningful than a wall plaque.
  • Connect at every opportunity. One of the best ways to attract the talent you want is to be attractive. You represent the best of your company. Share your enthusiasm at social events, trainings and even in online meetings. Ask your employees to do the same, and provide them with referral incentives.   
  • Work with a recruiter. It would help if you had a professional in your corner – someone who understands the fit needed for your company.

A strategy for attracting and retaining top talent will bring out the best candidates, and your hires will stay will you for the long run.

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