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Financial executives cite staffing struggles as a huge hurdle
39% of CFOs and Financial Executives Cite Staffing Struggles as Their Main Growth Hurdle

CFOs and financial executives cite staffing struggles as their number one concern. In response, they’re developing creative solutions to what could otherwise become a disaster of epic proportions.  

CFO Pay Jumps, Outpacing Inflation
CFO Pay Jumps 16%, Outpacing Inflation

In many instances, CFO pay has outpaced the current inflation rate of 8.5% in 2022. These bonuses and CFO pay jumps depend largely on company success. Net sales and adjusted earnings per share can impact the bottom line. So does free cash flow.

Is the Pressure of Your Accounting Job Getting to Be Too Much (5)
Is the Pressure of Your Accounting Job Getting to Be Too Much?

If you have been wondering whether it’s you or the job that’s the problem, take a moment to reflect. Do you see any of these red flags for your accounting job?

How to Follow Up After an Accounting Interview
Have Thank You Letters After Interviews Gone Out of Style?

After your accounting interview, you might breathe a sigh of relief that you completed this major milestone of your candidacy. Still, the interview process isn’t over until you land the job.

How to Lead with Courage in Accounting Leadership Positions
How to Lead with Courage in Accounting Leadership Positions

Experienced accountants who can lead with courage are in high demand right now. if you’re seeking your first leadership job in accounting, you’ll find that entry-level positions can offer attractive salaries, too.

Find Your New Accounting Job
How To Find Your New Accounting Job, While Still at Your Old Job

Applicants are driving the hiring market in accounting and finance and reaping incredible salaries and benefits. If you’ve been considering how to find your new accounting job, here are some tips.

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