Simple Strategies to Improve Your Recruiting Efforts


Recruiting accountants and other finance roles can be incredibly challenging. You need to stand out from the other companies making offers. Otherwise, you lose out on valuable talent that could grow your firm. You will also waste time and effort on recruiting someone who doesn’t join the team.

Overcoming these challenges can be as simple as using the right recruiting strategies. The proper strategies will make your efforts worth it and help you attract top talent. You will notice that compensation is not the only factor candidates consider. They also look for factors like diversity, work/life balance, and room for career advancement.

The Shortage of Accountants Makes Recruiting Even More Important

It is also important to note that there is a current talent shortage in the world of accounting and finance. And this is expected to continue. Several factors are at play:

  • There is a growing gap between those who complete accounting degrees and take the CPA exam.
  • Boomers are retiring earlier.
  • There is a mismatch of skills.

These factors make it even more important that you incorporate the right strategies to recruit talent.

Figure Out What Makes Your Offering Unique

Start by determining what makes your employment offering unique. One of the best ways to do this is to ask current employees for feedback. Ask what they like best about working for your company. Is it the benefits? The work-life balance? Inclusion and diversity?

Make a short list of benefits and traits and include them in your job offerings. Mention them in the interviews and have recruiters mention them as well.

Provide a Company Tour

Once you short-list candidates, it is time to show them that you are serious about your offer. One way to do this is to give them a tour of the company. This will also help them confirm that your finance and accounting firm is a good fit for them. It is simple to give a tour the same day as the interview.

Conduct a Skill Assessment

Consider giving short-listed candidates a skill assessment to confirm that they have the necessary skills for the role. For example, you can have them run sample figures.

If the assessment is time-consuming, compensate candidates for their time. This shows that you value them.


With the right strategies, your firm should find it easier to recruit talented accountants. Find your company’s unique selling points, work with a recruiter, and give candidates a tour of your workspace. Near the end of the interview process, test their skills to confirm the candidate is a good fit.

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