4 Low-Cost Strategies to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Have you recently made an offer to a “star candidate” and lost the candidate to another organization?  Consider for a minute, the time, effort, and money spent to get to that point in a search.  This experience can be very costly to a company and emotionally draining on a hiring leader.  Did you know that top finance candidates are still receiving 2 to 3 offers at a time?

Below are 4 low-cost, easy to implement strategies to revive or improve your recruiting efforts:

  1. Understand your offering:  Have a brainstorming session with your team and ask them what they like about working for your organization. What are the leading non-monetary characteristics about the organization that create a loyalty and dedication among your staff?  Once you have a short-list, make sure you highlight these features/benefits to the prospective candidate during the interview.
  2. Empower a recruiting ambassador: Hand pick 1 or 2 individuals among your staff that has found success at your company and embodies the values you are attempting to attract in the marketplace.  Once you have identified that individual/s, include them in the interview process and let them tell their story and interact with the prospective candidate.  Candidates will find your transparency to be attractive and unusual.
  3. Company Tour: Take the candidates that you have short-listed on a tour of your office and facilities, allowing them to meet and greet others, include other departments in the tour.  This simple and easy step provides an “interview experience” that will build confidence in the prospect employee’s mind and signal that they are joining an organization that cares for people.
  4. Make your most competitive offer first:  Keep your eye on the prize, are you trying to attract the best or save a few thousand dollars on an offer package? Make sure you understand what top finance candidates are being offered in today’s market. Keep in mind, you do not have to come in higher then market, but you must be competitive. If you put your best foot forward first, you have a much better chance of attracting top talent vs beginning the candidates employment experience with a negotiation or worse feeling undervalued from the start.
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