Have Thank You Letters After Interviews Gone Out of Style?

How to Follow Up After an Accounting Interview

After your accounting interview, you might breathe a sigh of relief that you completed this major milestone of your candidacy. Still, the interview process isn’t over until you land the job.

You still have an essential matter to take care of: how to follow up after an accounting interview.

It is our experience that Accounting and Financial leaders not only like to see thank you letters, but that these letters help candidates make a good impression and stand out from others interviewing for the same roles.

Many candidates send short thank-you notes following the interview. The gesture has multiple purposes. First, you should genuinely thank the interviewer for their time; your note will do that. It also serves as a reminder of your interview, and if the interviewer cannot decide between you and another candidate, your thank-you could tip the scales in your favor.

Be sure to send the thank-you within 24 hours of your interview to show your keen interest in the position.

Writing a Killer Thank-You Note

The pressure to write a fantastic thank-you letter terrifies some accounting candidates, especially if they feel they were never good at writing to begin with.

First, you’ll be writing an email, not a letter. It’s quick, efficient, and appreciated in the business world.

Use this guideline to help you craft your email:

  • Write a subject line that includes Thank You, the word “interview,” and possibly the names of your interviewers. You can customize your subject line for every interview.
  • Write a greeting that addresses the interviewer by the name you called them in the interview. Maintain a professional tone throughout the letter.
  • Write the body of the letter so that it includes:
  • a thank-you for their time at the interview
  • a detail that you appreciated during the interview
  • express your continued interest in the job and the next steps
  • ask for an update on the hiring process
  • says “thanks” again and sign your full name

Before you send the email, proofread, proofread, proofread!

Other Notes to Consider

Your follow-up email can make you stand out from the other candidates, as long as you refrain from sounding unprofessional or pushy.

Other tips for writing the perfect thank-you email and following up after your interview include:

  • writing separate but similar notes to all interviewers on the committee.
  • making mention of a notable point discussed during the meeting.
  • keeping your communication brief.
  • attaching a relevant article or certificate if discussed in the interview.
  • showing patience – avoid calling too soon if you were told that a decision would not be made for several days — or even a week. Wait until the deadline.
  • always maintaining a professional tone.

Companies want to hire people who genuinely want to work for them, and your well-crafted thank-you note could be the impetus the interviewer needs to make their hiring decision. This one small act and knowing the importance of following up could change your status from candidate to employee!

We know the best talent in the field and we know the marketplace. Make your next hire a great one by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Contact us to make your next move.

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