How To Find Your New Accounting Job, While Still at Your Old Job

Find Your New Accounting Job

There’s never been a better time to find your new accounting job – especially if you are already employed in this field. 

Companies are recovering from the post-pandemic slump, and they’re eager to hire top-level candidates for many of their new positions. Applicants are driving the hiring market and reaping incredible salaries and benefits. If you’ve been considering making a career move, now’s the time to make it happen

Just don’t do it while you’re at work, no matter how great the temptation. 

Your ability to conduct stealth searches and interview without arousing suspicions matters more than ever.

Stealthy moves to help you find your new accounting job without getting caught 

During the workday, you could find yourself daydreaming about the plentiful career opportunities awaiting you. It’s only natural for the excitement to urge you to take action: revamping your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, filling out online applications, and scheduling interviews. 

The chances are that you’d prefer not to spend your weekend consumed with these tasks. However, a manager or boss who discovers that you are using company time to search for a job may consider you less loyal to the company. You may discover yourself conducting your job search from home or the local coffee shop, with all the time on your hands that you could imagine. 

Instead, try these moves to conceal your search efforts: 

  • Make it a practice to update your LinkedIn profile before you begin your search – and turn off any notifications. 
  • Keep your search a secret, even among your closest coworkers.
  • Refrain from posting about your search on social media. Avoid posting on job boards where your employer can discover your intentions. 
  • Never access company equipment (photocopiers) or resources (computers and the internet) to conduct searches. Take search-related calls in your car, your home, but always away from work. 
  • Avoid asking for references from current supervisors and coworkers. 
  • Ask recruiters and potential employers to respect your decision to keep your search confidential. 
  • Schedule your interviews outside your regular work hours.
  • Change into interview clothes away from your place of employment. Dressing up for an interview and wearing work attire are two different styles. 
  • Meet all current job duties and responsibilities – don’t abandon ship just yet.

Before you give up your current role, ask about other possibilities that could be available to you. These may include remote or flex scheduling,  opportunities for training and further certification, or even transfer to another department or a promotion.

Why your next employer wants to find you in your current job

Professional recruiters are reaching out to passive talent in today’s fast-paced hiring market. Hiring firms want to attract passive talent for several reasons, including:

  • passive employees are performers who already have the knowledge and skills necessary for the job.
  • having a job means you’re not desperate to take anything so that you’ll have something.
  • You’re more likely to be happy, and hiring companies want to hire positive employees. 

Recruiters want to build professional relationships with top-level talent even if you’re not actively searching to find your new accounting job. Continue to work on your stealth moves. 

You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

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