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2021 Accounting & Finance Trends to Watch

If you were to have read an article on accounting and finance trends for 2020 at the beginning of last…

Four Tips to Support Your Team’s Wellbeing This Year

You probably don’t need another internet stranger telling you that this past year has been “unprecedented,” or that we’ve all…

The Evolving Role of Big Data in Accounting and Finance

“Digital Transformation” and “Big Data” are parroted so often that, when heard, many file them away in the ignorable corner…

Three (Real) Reasons Why Diversity Matters in Accounting & Finance
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Interview Preparation: Your Guide to First Impressions
Take some time and put some thought into the initial list of questions that you’d like to ask during your interview.
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Post-Pandemic Climate
Survey Results : a comprehensive look at how both employers and employees are coping with the effects of COVID-19 and planning to return to the office.
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